Birthday: March 23, 2011 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-037S

Yvensley is a ten year old from the village of Bayawonn near Galette Chambon. He lives with his mother, sister, and two brothers. His mother works as a vendor in the local market, but she doesn’t make enough to support her family without help from friends. Her other children are sponsored, and she is very thankful because that is a huge help to her, but she would like for Yvensley to be sponsored as well not only because it will help their family financially, but also because she senses that Yvensley feels a bit left out when the others talk about and pray for their sponsors. She knows that Yvensley desperately wants someone to choose him too. Yvensley enjoys playing with his friends and the little cars that his brother’s sponsor sends to them. His favorite subject is Experimental Science, and when