BGM Gift Guidelines

  • Please limit your gift giving to once or twice a year (i.e. birthday, Christmas).
  • Please limit the size of your gift to fit in an average size shoe box.
  • Please put the child’s name, sponsor number, and village (G for Galette Chambon, T for Thoman) prominently on the outside and inside of the box to indicate what village the child lives in.
  • Ship to the following address:

Tony West
Missionary Flights International
3170 Airmans Drive #2087 BGM
Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

  • Make a note of the weight (lbs.) of the box when you ship it.
  • Multiply the weight (lbs.) x $2.40 and send a check to But God Ministries in the amount calculated, marking on the memo line “sponsor gift shipping” (send check to: BGM, 118 Homestead Drive, Suite D, Madison, MS 39110).

Suggestions for contents:

TOYS: Include items that the child can immediately enjoy such as toy cars, yo-yos, jump ropes, balls, harmonica, kazoo, recorder, toys that light up or make noise (non-electric and not battery operated)

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Pens, pencils, sharpeners, stickers, crayons, markers, spiral notebook or journal, solar calculator, coloring and picture books (limit excessive English words), ruler, etc. If you sponsor a child in GALETTE CHAMBON, you can send a school supply pack to your sponsor child by clicking here!

HYGIENE ITEMS: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, bar soap, bar soap plastic box, washcloths, powder, lotion, toilet paper, deodorant, body spray (aerosol only), etc.

ACCESSORIES: T-shirts, socks, hats, sunglasses, hair clips, bracelets, watches, pony tail bands, plastic barrettes, underwear, scarves, bandanas, etc.

CRAFTS: Make your own items such as hair bows, finger puppets, friendship bracelets, small paint sets, etc.

MISCELLANEOUS: Pack of gum, hard candies (no chocolate), photo of the sponsor (do not use large house backgrounds or fancy settings). DO NOT SEND MONEY IN THE BOX.

Other ideas can be found on Pinterest searching “shoebox gift ideas”

Please keep the following in mind:

  • It is extremely important that you not enclose something of high monetary value so as not to put the child at risk of harm.
  • You may include a short note in English that our translator can translate, but limit it to about 20 words so as not to put a burden on our translators.
  • Please do not use online translation sites or apps. As these work with some words in Creole, the grammar often does not translate and the meaning of the words and sentences is confusing and it makes it twice as hard to translate.


  • You can send as many short letters or cards in a #10 size envelope (under 1 lb) as you’d like for only the cost of a postage stamp. #10 envelopes sent are addressed the same way as gift boxes. You must still put the child’s name and sponsor number with T or GC on the outside of the envelope, preferably on the back side of it. There is no additional shipping charge besides a US postage stamp.
  • Some sponsors like to send monetary gifts. DO NOT send more than $50 in cash. You must tape the bills to the inside of a card or folded card stock so that it does not slide around when the envelope is shaken, and it cannot be seen by holding the envelope up to the light.