Birthday: April 19, 2003 Sponsorship #: 2020-00-001M

Mirielle is a 9th grader at BGM High School who is in great need. She lives with her mother and father, three sisters, and two brothers in the village of Nandal near Galette Chambon. Mirelle’s parents are not in good health. Her father lost his foot in a motorcycle accident when he was unable to afford to get medical care. His foot became infected and he became septic. He had to have it removed to save his life. He still tries to farm, but it is not easy. Her mother suffers from hypertension and diabetes. She is unable to work and the family spends most of what little income they can find on medical care. Mirielle’s siblings have been able to find sponsors, but Mirielle still does not have a sponsor. All of the children in this family really need sponsors so that they can get a good education without putting too much strain on the family. Mirielle’s favorite subjects are mathematics and French. She enjoys going to school, studying, and helping her mother around the house. When she grows up, she wants to become a nurse so that she can be used by God to help treat people who are sick. She prays daily that she will be able to see that dream come true.