Birthday: March 10, 2017 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-038HC

Emithly is a four year old who lives in Hope Center Village with his aunt and uncle and four cousins. His uncle is disabled since the earthquake and his aunt has been laid off from her job as a cook for the last two years. They took Emithly in after his mother died and another aunt was trying to take care of him, but she was not doing a good job. She would leave him at home with his ten year old cousin to take care of him. When his other aunt discovered how bad the situation was, she decided to take him to live with her. Now that he is old enough for school, she wants him to get an education, but they cannot afford to pay for their own childrens’ education much less Emithly. He is in desperate need of sponsorship. Emithly enjoys playing with friends and rocks and going to church.