Birthday: September 7, 2016 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-036HC

Christopher¬†is a four year old in our Hope Center kindergarten program. His father is a local pastor and his mother recently started working at BGM Primary as what is called a “Dame de Servis” which is a helper who helps out with the preschoolers. She takes them to the bathroom, helps out during recess and lunch, and just serves as a helper to the kindergarten teachers in general. Even though both parents have occupations, they still don’t make very much money. Christopher’s father tries to make a little extra money by driving a motorcycle taxi, but gas and maintenance are so expensive, that he doesn’t really make much extra money. He really does it more as a ministry than anything else. Another ministry his father has is to the local handicapped in and around the village of Galette Chambon. He is President of the Handicapped Association and works hard as and advocate for caring for their needs. Christopher has one brother and three sisters. His other siblings are sponsored and his parents would really appreciate it if Christopher could find a sponsor too so that they can focus what little income they have on feeding their family as well as a host of other people that they often take in when they are in a time of need.