Birthday: March 14, 1999 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-186M


Wadler is a 21 year old young man who has stolen our hearts. He and his mother came to Hope Center one day in desperation to get him in school. Back in 2010, is mother was injured in the earthquake and spent many months in a hospital. After she became a Christian, his father (a voodoo practicer) left them. Now he lives with his mother, five sisters, and two brothers in Galette Chambon. His mother works hard to try to provide for her children but her back has never fully healed. She was a vendor of a store for many years. After the earthquake, her store was robbed and she was left with nothing. All of her children are in school and the directors are letting them continue to go to school even though they don’t have money to pay tuition. The reason she and Wadler came to Hope Center is because Wadler is an 11th grader and he is so close to graduating that he doesn’t want to have to stop now. Wadler is concerned because he knows he is already behind in school because of past difficulties paying for all of his siblings’ tuition. Both Wadler and his mother broke down crying as they told us their situation. We vowed to search for a sponsor for him so he can continue seeking his dream of becoming a doctor. Wadler said he wants to become a doctor because he wants to be able to help people like his mother . Wadler loves every subject in school and he loves it when the teachers help him to understand. He enjoys going to church, playing soccer, and hanging out with friends. He says he thanks God for giving him and his mother the courage to come to Hope Center and ask for help. Now he is asking you to help him too.