Birthday: April 26, 2019                  Sponsorship #: 2024-00-048S  

NATANAELLE is a precious five year old from an area in Galette Chambon called Kagwo. She lives with her mother, and twin siblings – a sister and brother. Her mother works as a vendor in market. She struggles to make money, however, because with all of the latest dangers happening in the village, they only open market once per week and it is hard for her to get supplies to sell because the streets are very dangerous. Natanaelle and her siblings often go days without eating. Her siblings recently had to be taken to a malnutrition center in another town because they were near death. Natanaelle and her mother pray every day that God will heal their bodies. Natanaelle is trying to get a sponsorship so that she can go to school and get a good meal at school every day. She will be able to do like many of the children in school do and put a small amount of her lunch into a container to take home to her mother. For Natanaelle to go to school is literally survival for them.