Birthday:  January 2019                  Sponsorship #: 2024-00-040S  

DOLPHKY is an energetic five year old who loves to work outside. He lives with his mother and two sisters in the village of Galette Chambon. He does not know when his birthday is exactly because he was born on the dirt floor of their one-room, dirt home without the help of any medical care or attention. His father is deceased and his mother is a merchant who walks around the village selling washing powder to make money. She doesn’t make much and she is limited on the times when she can go from house to house trying to sell her little individual bags of powder because when the gang is out in the village, everyone stays inside. She decided in January that she would set back enough money to be able to put Dolphky in Maranatha preschool so that he would be safe at school while she tries to sell. She was able to pay a little to make a deposit, but she cannot continue to make tuition payments and if Dolphky doesn’t get a sponsor, she will not be able to let him return to school in the fall. Dolphky enjoys studying the lessons he learns in school and learning to read and write. When he grows up, he wants to become a farmer like his father was.