Birthday: September 23, 2019        Sponsorship #: 2024-00-039S  

DAVENS is a shy 5 year old from the village of Galette Chambon who lives with his mother, two sisters, and two brothers. His father died three years ago when he was a baby and his mother has struggled to survive since then. His father was the sole provider for their family for years. His sudden death left his mother with no choice but to find a way to support their family any way she could. She decided to start selling things to make money. She started by opening a little market at their house and each Friday she would gather up a few things and take them to sell at the big market in the back of the village. Once things became dangerous on the route to the market, she felt like she didn’t need to take the risk by going to market anymore, so she has just tried to make it by keeping her home business going. It is hard because when she needs more supplies, it is very dangerous and expensive to go into town to buy things. She will try to walk to the distributor to save money, but it is many miles, and it takes all day, and she is unable to carry much on her return. If she tries to carry a large supply back, it brings attention to her and puts her in danger of being robbed. It’s just a hard, hard life for a single mom of five, and she really needs help. She wants her children to stay in school, but if she can’t pay their tuition, she will have to take them out. This will mean she will have to take them with her to get supplies and it is just too dangerous for children to be out on the street that long. Please consider sponsoring Davens. A sponsorship will mean that he gets an education, he is fed daily, and his mother can continue to focus on her business while he is in school. Davens enjoys playing with friends at school and coloring. When he grows up, he wants to become an engineer and build houses for people.