Birthday:  January 28, 2019            Sponsorship #: 2024-00-046S


DABENS is a bright five year old from the village of Bonet near Galette Chambon who lives with his grandmother, one sister, and one brother. He and his siblings went to live with their grandmother last year when their mother disappeared after their village was attacked by the gang. No one has seen nor heard from their mother since the attack and she is presumed to have died in the fires that the gang set upon the village houses during the attack. Their grandmother escaped with the children to a nearby village and when they returned, there was nothing left. They have all had to start over with nothing. Before the attack, Dabens’ mother and grandmother worked a small market from their home, but because it was burned up by the fire, his grandmother had to borrow money to go get supplies to try to rebuild the business. She has been working hard to rebuild their lives, but having three children at home makes it very difficult. Because the schools in their village closed after the attack, most of the children in Bonet now walk together to Galette Chambon to go to BGM Schools. It is a fairly large group of students, and several parents walk with them, so their grandmother feels comfortable sending Dabens and his siblings with the group. Dabens absolutely LOVES going to Maranatha school and his favorite thing to do when he is not in school is study his lessons and practice writing. He will not be able to continue this fall, however, unless he gets a sponsor. His favorite thing he is learning in school is writing. He feels smart and knows he has a great advantage in life if he can read and write. When he grows up, he wants to become a professor.