Birthday:  November 11, 2011        Sponsorship #: 2024-00-042S  

CHERWENS is a determined thirteen year old who loves to work hard. He lives with his father, two sisters and two brothers in the village of Bonet. Every morning, he and two of his sisters leave their house at 5:30 am to walk to school with a group of other children from their village who attend BGM Schools. His father is a farmer who works a farm for a local land owner. His father is able to walk half way with them, then he takes the youngest two brothers to stay with a friend while he works the field. Cherwens and his two sisters go on to school and return to the friend’s house to pick up their little brothers on their way home and their father usually returns from the garden just before dark Cherwens and his siblings try to wash uniforms, clean house, and prepare dinner with what little food supplies they have so their father can rest before getting everyone ready for bed. Sometimes Cherwens will stay and help his father in the field while his sisters take their little brothers home. Cherwens enjoys working with his father in the garden, and when he helps, his father sometimes gets to leave the field earlier. Cherwens desperately wants a sponsor so that his school doesn’t put such a financial burden on his father. Cherwens’ favorite subject in school is mathematics and when he grows up, he wants to be a professor who is also a doctor.