Birthday: January 23, 2013 Sponsorship #: 2024-00-034HC

Lovetha is a lively and comical eleven year old in the 4th grade at BGM Primary. She lives with her mother, two sisters, and two brothers in the mountain village of Mawozo above Galette Chambon. She walks a long way to school every day with other children from her village. Her mother is a vendor at the local market. She usually walks with her children down the mountain carrying her goods for market and she sells while they are at school. However, things have become very difficult for vendors lately. Not only have supplies become very expensive, but it has become extremely dangerous for vendors going to market. Her mother has been struggling to make ends meet, and she has not been able to pay for her children’s school. She is thankful that BGM is willing to look for sponsors for her kids so that they can get an education and eat every day. Bertude enjoys studing, doing homework, and going to church. Her favorite subject in school is mathematics and when she grows up, she wants to become a school teacher.