Birthday: November 13, 2019 Sponsorship #: 2024-00-014S  

Djoulenska is a precious four year old in our Maranatha Preschool Program. She lives in a small community called Bula Jake near Galette Chambon with her parents and brother. Her parents work as farmers on a local farm, but it has been difficult to work enough to feed their family because of gang violence in the village. They want little Djoulenska to be able to go to school so that they can go to work in the field in the mornings. They also want her to go to school so that she can get a good meal every day. Djoulenska enjoys going to church and playing with her friends. She enjoys learning to count and color. When she grows up, her mother says she would make a very good nurse because she plays “doctor” with her puppy all the time. If she is able to go to school, this could become a reality for her.