BIRTHDAY: October 20, 2005    SPONSORSHIP# 2024-00-002M

Esther is an eighteen year old young lady from the village of Bonette near Galette Chambon. She lives with her parents and one sister. Her parents are farmers in the village. Esther gets up early in the morning and walks with her parents to the farm where they work and she helps them work the farm. Then she goes to a friend’s house around noon and gets a bath and prepares for school. (The high school students go to school from 1 to 5 pm). She has had to miss several years of school in the past because her parents could not afford to pay her tuition. This year, they were able to pay for her registration, but higher food prices has made it hard for the family to survive on their little income. They are not able to pay the rest of her tuition. If Esther is going to finish the year and graduate, she must find a sponsor FAST. Esther loves to listen to music in her free time. Her favorite subject is Social Science. When she grows up she wants to be a secretary or a teacher.