Birthday: April 28, 2005 Sponsorship #:  2023-00-137M

John Peter is a bright seventeen year old from an area of Galette Chambon called Plachal. He lives with his mother, sister, and three brothers. His mother farms as a share cropper on a local corn and sugar cane farm. She often cleans the field of its left over leaves after harvest so that she can sell it to livestock farmers as feed. John Peter helps her do this so that she can make extra money. The money they make simply allows the family to eat. It isn’t enough to pay for their school. When John Peter gets a sponsor, he will enter BGM High school as a 9th grader. He enjoys playing soccer with friends, working with his mom on the farm, working around the house, and going to church. His favorite subject in school is geometry. When he graduates, he wants to study technology and if he can go to college, he wants to study computer science.