Birthday: December 11, 2006 Sponsorship #:  2004-00-140M

Chumchiley is a very intelligent seventeen year old from the village of Galette Chambon. He lives with his parents and four brothers. His mother works as a cook at the school and his father works with iron rebar in construction. His mother does not make much money, but it is good that it is steady and reliable. His father usually makes pretty good money when there is a decent amount of construction happening, but right now most construction has stopped in the village. Chumchiley cannot continue school without a sponsor. If he finds a sponsor, he will enter BGM High School as an 11th grader and will have 3 more years of school before he graduates from Philo. Chumchiley enjoys playing soccer with friends, taking extra classes at the professional school, and going to church. His favorite subjects in school are French and Mathematics. When he finishes high school, he wants to study technology and civil engineering.