Birthday:  March 4, 2019  Sponsorship #:  2023-00-119S

Yvens is a lively little four year old from the village of Galette Chambon. He lives with his parents and two brothers. His parents are vendors in the local market. His father works a small garden and they take the produce from the garden to market to sell when they can. He also sometimes works on motos to make a little extra money. It has been difficult to make money these day, however, because the economy has fallen apart in the recent chaos of the country. They would love for their son to be able to go to school with his sibling so that they can all get an education as well as eat every day.  Yvens enjoys going to church with his family and playing with his friends. He looks forward to being able to learn to speak French one day. When he grows up he wants to be either a preacher or a doctor.