Birthday: December 1, 2006 Sponsorship #:  2023-00-044HC

Schedla is a loving and determined seventeen year old from an area called Gwo Balanse near Galette Chambon. She lives with her father, steo-mother, four sisters, and three brothers. She was living in the village of Bonet with her aunt until recently when the gang attacked the village and everyone had to evacuate. She and her aunt moved to Galette Chambon to be with family and to hopefully get a chance to go back to school. When Schedla was little, she was able to go to school for two years before her mother died. After her mother died, she had to quit school and move in with her aunt until her father could get back on his feet and figure out how to work while being a single father with four small children. After he remarried a year later, Schedla decided to continue living with her aunt but still was not able to afford to go to school. She is very bright and has always wanted to go to school, so getting this opportunity to find a sponsor and go back to school is very important to her. She understands that she is very far behind, but starting back to school in the third grade doesn’t bother her. The main thing is that she learn to read and write so that she can find a job one day. Schedla enjoys working around the house and going to church with her family. She is hoping that one day she can learn to speak Spanish because she would like to move to the Dominican Republic and sew in a clothing factory.