Birthday: July 5, 2006 Sponsorship #:  2023-00-067M

DAPHLYNE is a bright and determined seventeen year old from the village of Galette Chambon. She lives with her parents, sister, and two brothers. Her parents are vendors in the local market. They sell corn, okra, and beans from the garden that they grow. Right now, their garden is not producing very well because of the drought. They lost their spring crop because of flooding. This has put a huge burden on them to try to support their family. They are very proud of Daphlyne because last year she was able to go to school, and she passed the 9th grade National Exam to promote into the 10th grade. This is a huge accomplishment. Daphlyne is very smart, and she is determined to do well in school so that she can one day go to nursing school. She enjoys taking classes, studying, and going to church. Her favorite classes are English and Spanish. She hopes that if she learns these languages, she will be able to find a job easier to support her family.