Birthday: December 13, 2004 Sponsership#: 2023-00-095M

SOPHENY M. is a loving and happy eighteen year old from the village of Galette Chambon. She lives with her mother, three sisters and three brothers. Her mother is a farmer that works on a local share cropping farm and although she has worked very hard to support her family and send her kids to school, they have had to take turns going to school because she cannot afford to send all of them to school at the same time. Sopheny has had to sit out of school twice now for three years at a time so that one of her siblings can go for a while. This is why she is eighteen years old and only in the 7th grade. She doesn’t let that deter her though. She is DETERMINED to finish school and become a nurse one day. With all of the latest dangers, insecurities, and economic struggles, Sopheny has another reason for needing to go to school….so she can eat! It has become so bad in the village that Sopheny and her siblings and mother often have to go days without eating. If they were in school, at least they would get food every day. Sopheny desperately needs a sponsor not just to get an education but to survive. Sopheny enjoys working around the house, going to church, and studying school books to keep up in her learning for when she can return to school. Her favorite subject is English.