Birthday: November 23, 2003 Sponsorship #: 2023-00-027M

Schylove is a bright and determined twenty year old from the village of Ti Source near Galette Chambon. He lives with his parents, three brothers, and three sisters. He is extremely smart and does very well in school as long as he can go. He just finished the 11th grade at BGM High School which means if he can continue school, he will enter Rheto next year. He doesn’t let it bother him that he is 20 and still in high school. He is just happy that he has been able to go when his parents could afford to pay for it. However, his parents are market vendors, and with the economy as it has been, his parents’ income has suffered and he may once again have to sit out of school until they can save up enough to pay his tuition. Schylove needs a sponsor desperately so he can go ahead and finish school. When he is not in school, Schylove enjoys working with his father, going to church, and studying lessons. His favorite subject in school is Spanish, and when he finishes school, he wants to become a high school Spanish teacher.