Birthday: February 11, 2011 Sponsorship#: 2023-00-127S

Kensley is a quiet twelve year old boy from the village of Dalgwo near Galette Chambon. He lives with his mother, two sisters, and two brothers. His mother works as a share cropper and sells some of the produce she is allowed to keep at market. Her income has suffered tremendously since the recent attacks to the village by the gang. The family has found it very difficult to even eat. Recently, when Kensley came to be interviewed for sponsorship, our staff noticed that he had a very bad and infected wound on his foot. He told our staff that he hurt it but his mother could not afford to send him to a doctor to clean it. She had been putting talcum powder on it to try to dry it out because that was the closest thing to medicine she had access to. Our staff told her to take him to the hospital and we would pay the bill. After going to the hospital, the doctor explained that he would need strong antibiotics and daily cleanings. Now his mother takes him every day to have his foot cared for and it is healing nicely. The doctor said that if he had not come when he did, the foot was developing gangrene and it could kill him. They are so thankful that they came to get in the sponsorship program because God used that to save his life! Kensley enjoys working around the house to help his mother, and going with his mother to market to sell produce. His favorite subject in school is Social Studies, and when he grows up he wants to become a cabinet maker because he loves making things with his hands.