Birthday: December 9, 2010 Sponsorship#: 2023-00-125S

Kathiana is a thirteen year old girl from the area called Michel near Galette Chambon. She lives with her mother who is a vendor along with her three sisters and two brothers. It is extremely difficult for her mother to support the family. She has not been able to afford to send her children to school. Kathiana has worked hard to study her friends’ old school books and they have helped her learn how to read and write some, so when she tested to see what grade she would be in if she could start school, she tested on the second grade level. She knows that if she were able to go to school, she could learn very fast and hopefully catch back up to the correct grade. However, she cannot afford to pay tuition, so the only way she can do this is to get a sponsor to help her go to school. Kathiana enjoys helping her mother work around the house, studying old school books that she has been given, and hanging out with friends. Her favorite thing to learn is mathematics because it is like solving puzzles. When she grows up, she would like to be able to teach other children to read and write as a kindergarten teacher.