Birthday: November 9, 2007  Sponsorship #: 2023-00-018M

Sanchelle is a tiny fifteen year old girl from Hope Center Village. She lives with her mother and three brothers. She moved to Hope Center village with her family after her family was discovered living in a structure made of tarp and tin in the back of the village. All six of them were living in this hut that was about 36 square feet. Someone donated money to build them a house, but because the property they were living on belonged to the man her father farmed for, they needed to move to Hope Center village. About two months ago, her father died. No one knows why he died, but he was severely malnourished and he had very poor health from living a very hard life working in the sun. Her mother tries to sell household items from their house, but she doesn’t make much money. She certainly doesn’t make enough to send her children to school. Sanchelle is so smart, however, that the BGM High School principal allowed her to go to school in hopes of finding a sponsor. Sanchelle enjoys reading her Bible, hanging out with friends, helping her mother, and studying. Her favorite subject is mathematics, and when she grows up she wants to become a kindergarten teacher. (Sanchelle’s brothers are Samuel and Jenel and one brother isn’t old enough for school)