BIRTHDAY: October 15, 2006 SPONSORSHIP #: 2022-00-055M

Heidegens (pronounced Hi-de-gens) is sixteen years old and in the 10th grade at BGM High School. He lives with his father, seven sisters, and five brothers in Hope Center Village. His mother died in 2020 of COVID. Her name was Ruth, and she was a tailor at RH Kouti. She helped make all of the uniforms for BGM Schools. When his mother was alive and working, she supported the family well and she and her husband never asked for help with their children’s school. Then she suddenly died, and it became extremely difficult for the family. Heidegens’ father is a cabinet maker. Although he makes pretty good money when he is able to find contract work, the job market has been very slow with the current civil unrest in the country. He didn’t want to have to look for sponsors for his children, but it has reached a point where he has no choice. Heidegens is extremely smart and loves school. He is so close to finishing, but he is going to have to have a sponsor if he is going to be able to go to school. Heidegens enjoys playing soccer with friends, sleeping, and studying. His favorite subject in school is French. When he grows up, he wants to study computers and technology.