Birthday: January 10, 2011 Sponsorship #: 2022-00-049HC

TRACY is a beautiful eleven year old from Hope Center village who lives with her mother and sister and aunt. They were living in Port au Prince but the gang violence entered their neighborhood and they had to flee for their lives. Her mother has a sister that lives in Hope Center village, so they moved in with her. Her mother used to work at a factory and make jewelry, but now that she no longer lives in the city, she no longer has work. She had to sit out of school last year because her mother didn’t have enough money to pay tuition. They cleaned houses around the village over the summer to save up money, and this year, she was able to pay the registration and first installment of tuition, but she knows that she will not have the money to finish paying tuition or continue paying tuition over the coming years. She will continue to clean houses to help provide for herself and her mother, but it will be very helpful to her mother as well if she is able to eat at school. Tracy enjoys singing and being creative. Her favorite subject in school is mathematics and when she finishes school, she wants to learn to be a nurse.