Birthday: October 21, 2014 Sponsorship #: 2022-00-045HC

JEAN RENEL is an 8 year old from the village of Dalgrow near Galette Chambon. He lives with his parents, two sisters, and four brothers. His parents are farmers who try to provide for their family by working a garden and selling what produce they can at the market. They cannot afford to pay for tuition and all of the other things they need to go to school, so if Jean Renel doesn’t get a sponsor, he will not be able to go to school….again. He is eight years old and has never been able to go to school. If he gets a sponsor, he will start first grade this year. He knows that he will be older than most of the kids in his class, but he just wants to learn to read and write and do his best in school. Jean Renel loves to play soccer in the village and help his father in the village.  When he grows up, he wants to become a doctor.