Birthday: February 29, 2012 Sponsorship #: 2022-00-035HC

DAVENSON is a bright ten year old who lives in the village of Cargo near Galette Chambon. His parents live in the city of Delmas but they sent him to live with his aunt and uncle in Cargo because of the gang violence in the city. His aunt and uncle are farmers and they sell the vegetables they grow at a local market. His parents want him to go to school while living in the village, but they cannot afford to pay the tuition for school. He is so very smart, and he needs to go to school, but he won’t be able to go to school if he doesn’t have a sponsor. Davenson has three sisters and four brothers who are currently all separated and living in various villages away from the city. Davenson enjoys playing soccer with friends and he looks forward to meeting new friends in the village and playing soccer there. Davenson’s favorite subject is mathematics and when he grows up, he wants to become a doctor.