Birthday: April 4, 2014 Sponsorship #:2022-00-018S

Felando is a bright and hard working seven year old who is wise beyond his years. He lives with his mother and sister in the village of Galette Chambon. His mother has a pretty good size piece of land that her father left her and she works hard in the garden every day. Felando and his little sister work the garden too. They try to grow as much produce as they can so that they can sell it at market to provide for their family. It is not easy though. When the harvest the crops, they don’t have a truck to put it in the haul it to sell. They only have a wheelbarrow. So Felando will make hundreds of trips from the garden to their house when they harvest corn so that they can shuck the corn, lay it out to dry, remove the kernels from the cobs, and grind it into corn meal. They will put the meal into plastic bags and his mother will take it to market to sell. Most of the time the meal at home spoils or gets eaten by bugs or rats before they can sell it all. They also eat the meal every day by making a porridge. If his mom sells some of the meal at market, she will buy some beans with it and add it to the porridge. That’s about all they ever eat. Felando enjoys working with his mother and sister in the garden and helping his mother clean house. His favorite subject is mathematics and when he grows up, he wants to study Agriculture so that he can learn new and better methods of working the land his family was given so that they can grow better crops and make more money to support the family.