Birthday: October 23, 2019 Sponsorship #: 2022-00-021S

Sterline is not so sure she wants to have her picture made. As a matter of fact, she wasn’t really sure she wanted to even go to school! She won’t be three until October, but the school said that they would allow her to start K1 kindergarten so that her father would be free to work when he gets a job and she would be guaranteed a hot meal every day. Sterline and her sister Samaendjie are both seeking sponsorship because their daddy can no longer afford to pay for his girls to go to school. He drives a cement truck and makes decent money when there is a good bit of construction going on, however, over the last couple of years, business has slowed tremendously and he has found it hard to just feed his family much less pay for school. He believes that if he can get help sending his two youngest girls to school, he can manage the older ones. Sterline wasn’t interested much in being interviewed, but her daddy said that she enjoys playing with her sisters, eating, and sleeping. She doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up.