Birthday: November 18, 2018 Sponsorship #: 2022-00-013S


Evelyne is and she and her twin brother Evensly are the twin babies of our dear friend Mirlande who passed away in 2021. When they were 3 months old, they went to the malnutrition center called God’s Littlest Angels with their mother because they were severely malnourished. We have been ministering to their family for over 8 years now. Her father is a voodoo priest and her mother became a Christian in 2016 and decided to stay with her husband because she wanted him to come to know Jesus too and she was dedicated to being a wife and mother. Her husband would often ask us to pray for them and he allowed us into their home to pray often. He just had too many outside influences holding him back from committing to the Lord. We continue to pray for him and minister to him, and one way that we do that is to find sponsors so that his children can go to school and hear the Word of God at school. Evelyne and Evensly live in Galette Chambon with their father, four sisters, and two brothers. Her father works a garden as well as sells produce from garden when he can and that helps him buy food for his children, but he cannot afford to pay for school for all of them. His other children have sponsors. Now that Evelyne and Evensly are in K1, they need sponsors too. Their daddy needs to continue to see that God is still looking out for his babies and one day, we are confident that he will give his life to Jesus.