Birthday: May 18, 2004 Sponsorship #: 2022-00-016S

Beatrice is a seventeen year old girl from Galette Chambon who lives with her parents, two sisters, and three brothers. Beatrice is only in the 4th grade because she has had to miss many years of school to give her siblings a chance to go. Her parents are share croppers and they cannot afford to send all of their children to school at once. Each year, they save up for one of them to go while the others sit out and study books that they keep at their home so they don’t forget what they learned. Beatrice should be in the 12th grade this year, but she has sacrificed for her siblings. This school year was her turn to return to school. She was tested and the school decided that she is on the 4th grade reading level, so that is the grade they put her in. She doesn’t mind, however. She is just happy to be back in school!! She does want to finish school though and go to Cosmetology school to learn to do hair and nails. We would like to find her a sponsor so that she doesn’t have to sit out of school anymore. We want to give Beatrice a chance to finish school and go on to the professional school and realize her dream of owning her own beauty shop. Her favorite subject is French and she enjoys studying, eating, hanging out with friends, and fixing her sisters’ hair.