Birthday: October 25, 2015 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-107S

Marcuis is a precious little six year old boy who lives in the village of Barye Bouyi near Galette Chambon with his mother, father, sister, and two brothers. His parents are farmers in the countryside and they do not make much money to pay for school. Marcius is very smart and needs to be in school, but his parents just do not feel like they can afford to feed their family and pay for school too. Most children in Haiti begin their formal education at the age of three, but Marcuis has never been able to go to school because his parents couldn’t afford tuition. They would like to send him to Maranatha as soon as possible so that he can begin his education without getting any farther behind. Marcius loves to count and looks forward to learning mathematics in school. He also thinks that maybe one day when he is grown up, he can be a professor and teach mathematics in school.