Birthday: May 29, 2000 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-086M

Windy is twenty-one years old and in the 8th grade at BGM High School. Most people in America don’t understand why a 21 year old would be in the 8th grade, but this is not unusual for Haiti. Kids from poor villages like Galette Chambon can only go to school when their parents can afford to send them. They often have to sit out of school for a year or two while their parents save up for tuition. Haiti does have some public schools, but public schools are too far to go and transportation to get there would be too expensive, so they must try to go to smaller private schools in the villages like BGM Schools. Private schools have to charge tuition in order to pay the teachers and run the school, but it’s cheaper to pay tuition than to pay for transportation.  Windy has gone to school off and on over the years, but he has also had to sit out some too. His parents died when he was 12 and he and his brother had to move in with their aunt. She cannot afford to send him and his brother to school and her own children as well. He has tried to do odd jobs around the village to save money for school, but it’s never enough. He wishes he could find a sponsor so that he could go to school without worrying about being a burden on his aunt. Windy enjoys going to church, playing soccer with friends, and working. His favorite subject is social science. When he grows up, he would like to become a lawyer.