Birthday: March 5, 2000 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-078M

José is a hard working young man from the village of Boucandris up in the mountains above Galette Chambon. He walks hours to school each day because he wants to go to a good school and BGM High School has a great reputation for providing a good education as well as food for their students. This year he is finally a SENIOR! He is behind in school because there have been years when his parents could not afford to pay his tuition. In those lean years, he has worked hard to earn money to save up for the next year, and he has studied hard so as not to get behind. His parents are share croppers in the mountains on a farm that grows corn, cabbage, carrots, and beans. He has two brothers and one sister. He enjoys studying his school lessons more than anything else. His favorite subject in school is Social Science, and when he grows up, he would love to become a lawyer.