Birthday: _______________ Sponsorship #: 2021-00-065MG

Roselaine is a very bright young graduate from our BGM Secondary school who has been accepted into Providence University of Haiti as a pre-nursing student. She holds one of the top scores on the national exam for Philo which is the final grade in high school and it is much like a college prep grade. She lives in Galette Chambon with her mother, four brothers, and one sister. All of her school age siblings are sponsored, and she was the one child in the household who was paying tuition before she graduated. Once she found out that BGM was offering possible scholarships to the local university, she believed this to be a blessing from God and she decided to ask to be added to the sponsorship program so that she could qualify for the scholarship program. She is very, very thankful for this opportunity that she honestly never dreamed she would ever have. It is truly a miracle and answer to prayer.