Birthday: March 3, 2019 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-064HC

Bethsaida¬†is an adorable and spunky three year old who lives with her grandmother in the village of Bonette near Galette Chambon. Her grandmother is friends with Weednaelle Merline’s grandmother, and they both made the long walk to Hope Center to get put on the BGM sponsorship web page with hopes of finding a sponsor so they can go to school. Bethsaida’s grandmother had never dreamed she would ever be able to afford to send her grand baby to school until she heard one day about the BGM school not far down the rock road from their village. Several other children walk together down the road about an hour each day to go to the school, and Bethsaida’s grandmother and her friend hope to join the group when school starts. It won’t be possible, however, if she doesn’t get a sponsor. Bethsaida is so excited about playing on the playground and coloring and learning to read and write. Her grandmother believes that it will make all the difference in the world in Bethsaida’s future. She prays daily that she finds a sponsor.