Birthday: December 23, 2018 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-060HC

Judener is an adorable 3 year old who lives in Hope Center Village with his mother, father, three brothers, and one sister. His mother stays home and takes care of the children and occasionally sells things at market. His daddy sometimes helps with construction work when he can find work. He often goes into Port au Prince looking for work, but usually does not find work. It puts an extreme difficulty on their family. Thankfully, all of the children so far have been able to find sponsors. His older brother Fedner is currently looking for a sponsor, and now that the baby of the family, Judener, is old enough to start, his parents would love for him to find a sponsor so that all of the kids can at least eat a hot meal at school each day. It is such a blessing to the whole family that all of the children are getting a good education in spite of their financial situation. This gives all of them such hope.