Birthday: March 27, 2013 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-058HC

Daphcarlie¬†is an eight year old who lives in Hope Center village with her mother, step father, two brothers, and one sister. Her step father is a farmer and her mother doesn’t have a source of income. Her step father doesn’t make enough money to send all of the children to school. Her older sister has had a sponsor for two years now, but Daphcarlie has had to sit at home without going to school because she didn’t have a sponsor. Now she is eight years old and still not in school. Her parents really want her to find a sponsor so that she can go to school too. Daphcarlie loves to clean dishes and play with friends. She loves learning how to do math when her sister is doing her homework. When she grows up, she wants to study some sort of medicine.