Birthday:  Sponsorship #: 2021-00-053MG

Woosberdine is a new graduate of our BGM High School and she graduated #2 in her graduating class. But God Ministries is offering scholarships to the to ten in our first graduating class if they are sponsored. These students will apply to the local university, Providence University of Haiti, and will have an opportunity to choose between five degree programs. If they are accepted into the university and they are already sponsored, then they qualify for the scholarship to continue school. This does not necessarily change the amount of your sponsorship unless you choose to contribute more towards her education. Your sponsorship will help cover the university tuition, dormitory, and food program. Books and supplies are extra. Woosberdine is so excited about this opportunity. Although she has always dreamed of going to college, she had no idea how she would be able to pay for it. Now that she has this opportunity, she is so very excited to move on to this new chapter in life and she is grateful to But God Ministries for helping her make his dreams come true.