Birthday: October 6, 2012 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-044HC

Rebecca¬†is a precious and sassy nine year old who lives with her mother and step father in Hope Center village in Galette Chambon. Her mother, Julanda, is the oldest daughter of Jillian who works at the orphanage. Her father was the oldest son of Makil, the custodian at BGM Primary School. Her father died in a tragic accident about six years ago. Her mother married a wonderful man named Ritchey two years ago and the two of them have one daughter together. Ritchey goes to work in Port au Prince each day to work in a telephone repair shop. He also tries to make jewelry to sell, but with no teams coming to Hope Center, that work has dried up. He does make a little income to feed his family, but it is not enough to pay for school for their daughter who is very smart and loves school. They desperately want her to be able to go to Hope Center school where she can receive a good education. Rebecca loves to play with her friends and cousins, study her older siblings’ books, go to church, and help with chores around the house. She is really good at math and she looks forward to learning French in school.