Birthday: April 21, 2001 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-047M

Norlie  is a bright twenty year old who has struggled all her life to get through school. She lives with her mother, five brothers, and one sister, and because their mother has no reliable source of income, she has not been able to afford to put all of her children through school at the same time. Norlie has had to sit out of school and wait her turn to be able to go. This is why she is so far behind in school. She made it all the way to Rheto, which is one year from graduating, and her mother decided it was time to let her brother go to school for a while. This past year, she made money cleaning people’s houses in order to raise money to pay for her last year of school! Now she is preparing to graduate Philo and she is in the top ten of the class! She is so very smart, and makes very good grades. She would love more than anything to be able to find a sponsor so that she can apply for a scholarship to the university and continue school. She had heard that BGM would be offering scholarships to the top ten if they have a sponsor and want to go to the local university. Norlie is praying that someone chooses to sponsor her so that she can get a scholarship and continue with school. Norlie enjoys studying, reading, eating, and working to help her mother around the house. Her favorite subject is French and she likes to study Philosophy as well. When she grows up, she wants to study some form of medicine. She hasn’t decided yet which area.