Birthday: January 4, 2007 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-030HC

Ricardo is a loving young 14 year old from the village of Cargo near Galette Chambon. He lives with his mother, two sisters, and five brothers. His mother is a cook at BGM Primary and his father is deceased. He is one of only two fifth graders at BGM Primary who doesn’t have a sponsor. He is thankful for his mother’s job as a cook, but it does not pay very much and it certainly doesn’t pay enough to pay for tuition for seven children. Ricardo has never asked to be put in the program because he knows that so many of his classmates’ parents don’t have any source of income at all. However, now that he is one of the few not sponsored, he feels a little left out. He really wants a sponsorship not only to help his mother, but also to just feel like he belongs to the “club” of sponsored kids. He is excited that he will finally be a “senior” at BGM Primary next year too. He can’t wait to be able to move on to the high school. He is behind in school because, like so many kids in Haiti, he has had to take turns with his siblings going to school. Some years he has had to sit out so that one of his siblings could go. If he had a sponsorship, he wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. He could KNOW that he would be able to continue on to school each year. That would be a huge relief to him. When he is not in school, he enjoys helping out around the house with his siblings. His favorite subject is mathematics, and when he grows up, he wants to become a doctor.