Birthday: May 16, 2006 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-033HC

Djenika is a timid little fourteen year old from Galette Chambon who lives with her father, her three sisters, and her two brothers. Her mother died two years ago giving birth to her baby brother. Her father does not have a reliable source of income, so they have started trying to raise goats to make a living farming goats. Djenika enjoys praying, going to church with her family, and eating. She was able to start school this year because her father sold a goat to pay her tuition, but she wants to get a sponsorship so that next year, when her brother is old enough for school, her dad can pay for his school and not worry about hers. Djenika loves school so much, and she is excited that she is learning French. She enjoys learning and she enjoys trying to teacher her father French. She hopes to become a teacher one day.