Birthday: November 10, 2014 Sponsorship #: 2020-00-091S

Wilguenson is a seven year old from the village of Barawonn near Galette Chambon. He lives  with his grandmother and two brothers. His grandmother has no reliable source of income. Wilguenson loves school, but his grandmother is unable to pay for it. Once he was chosen to put into the sponsorship program, the principal allowed him to start school in K3 so he can learn to write his name and get a basic start with school. There were two conditions to allowing him to go to school. The grandmother had to find a way to have him a uniform made, and he had to get into the sponsorship program. He has until March to find a sponsor so that he can continue school. After this year, he will be evaluated to see if he can skip a grade or two to try to catch up with his age. He and his grandmother are so very thankful that he can go to school and get a hot meal there too! This takes a lot of pressure off grandma. Wilguenson loves to play with friends and study. His favorite subject is French. When he grows up he wants to become a doctor.