Birthday: January 2, 2002 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-018S

Sendylove¬†is a seventeen year old from the village of Galette Chambon who lives with his mother, two brothers, and two sisters. He just entered the 6th grade at Maranatha. He is being allowed to start school this year until he finds a sponsor, but if he doesn’t find one by March, he will have to sit out again. Sendylove is way behind in school because his mother has not been able to afford to pay his tuition. After his father died five years ago, he and his siblings all had to sit out of school because they had no source of income. His mother decided she must find a way to support her family, so she became a vendor in the local market. She doesn’t make much money at all, but it heIps her to be able to feed her children. She is thankful that they do get a good meal at school. It is most important to her that Sendylove get in school because he is the oldest and she wants him to be educated. Sendylove enjoys school, playing soccer, and studying. His favorite subject is mathematics. When he grows up, he wants to become a doctor.