Birthday: January 17, 2010 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-006S

Fobert is an eleven year old boy from Hate Cotin. He lives in the same village as Fadjooly who is also applying for sponsorship. If they two of them are sponsored, they plan to walk to school together every day so Fadjooly’s dad doesn’t have to. Fobert and his six siblings live with their aunt. Their mother died suddenly last year and they suspect it was pneumonia due to COVID, but they couldn’t afford to take her to a doctor, so they don’t really know. She was a single mom of six, so when she died and her children came to live with her sister, you can imagine how difficult it must have become for the aunt. They belong to a good church in their little community, and they all try to help, but Fobert’s aunt wants him to be able to go to a good school so that he can one day help support his family. When she heard about BGM Schools, she talked to Fadjooly’s mom about it and they both decided to try to get them in. They are praying that God will move someone to sponsor them. Fobert enjoys playing with friends, studying lessons, eating, and going to church. He is very smart, and his favorite subject is mathematics. When he grows up, he wants to become “a very good doctor.”