Birthday: June 17, 2007 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-012S

Daphney¬†is a fourteen year old girl from the village of Hate Cotin who lives with her parents, three brothers and five sisters. She and her sisters Florence and Phara all are hoping to find sponsors to be able to go to the BGM School in Galette Chambon together. Her parents are farmers in the village, but farming doesn’t pay a lot, so they struggle to provide for their family of eleven. It is their prayer that their daughter, Daphney, will get a good education and one day be able to find a good job and rise above the poverty that their family has lived in for many generations. Neither of her parents can read and they regret not being able to go to school as children. They are thankful that their is hope for some of their children to go to school. Daphney enjoys studying and doing homework and helping her mother around the house. Her favorite subject is mathematics and when she grows up, she wants to either become a nurse.