Birthday: October 4, 2007 Sponsorship #: 2020-00-108M

Job Dawens is a very smart thirteen year old in the 7th grade of our BGM High School. He lives with his father and two brothers in the village of Galette Chambon. His father is a local farmer in the village and his mother is diseased. She used to be the one that would take produce to the market to sell and make money for the family. A few months ago, she died and the family has been struggling ever since. The principal said that Job Dawens can continue going to school through January, but after that, if he doesn’t find a sponsor or find a way to pay, he will no loner be able to go to school. Job Dawens loves to play soccer with friends and study. His favorite subjects in school are Biology, Physics, and Geometry. When he grows up, he wants to become an engineer and build buildings.