Birthday: September 4, 2002 Sponsorship #: 2020-00-013M

Lourdina Is an eighteen year old who lives in the village of Place Charles near Galette Chambon. She lives with her aunt so that she can go to BGM High School which is well known as one of the best schools in the area. She has seven sisters and four brothers. Being from such a large family has made it very difficult for all of her siblings to be able to go to school. Lourdina has only been able to go because her aunt helps her. Her mother is a vendor in the village and her father works as a security guard for a local business. They are thankful that her father has a job, but he does not make enough to fully support a family of 13. Sometimes the company he works for doesn’t have enough money to pay him on time, and the family has to borrow food or money from friends to be able to eat. It is very hard, but they are all hopeful that if  the children all get a good education, they can find their way out of the poverty they currently live in. When Lourdina is not in school, she enjoys helping her aunt work in the house and study. Her favorite subject in school is Biology, and when she grows up she would like to become a nurse.